Friday, December 9, 2011

TEPCO Generators Could Have Been Better Prepared?

(UK public service publication)

What do I think? The generator failure had nothing to do with cost cutting, but faulty assumptions which caused a faulty design. The design was fine for the original tsunami design basis, but for what actually happened, pretty much all you could do is not build the plant in the first place.

Fukushima- a lesson learnt

09 December 2011

 Tokyo Electric should have been more adequately prepared. Furthermore, the failure of backup generators, both diesel and electric, was primarily a result of poor preparation linked to cost cutting and complacency, not to any technological problems. There was a lack of sufficient diesel storage given the possible and planned outcomes of an earthquake; rapid response units were not properly trained, despite a drill prior to the disaster; and crucial protective gear had not been replaced/purchased in necessary quantities to cover for any crisis event.

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