Thursday, December 29, 2011

TEPCO BWR Reactor Systems Chart with Names and Acronyms


AO: Air Operated Valve
APD: Alarm Pocket Dosimeter
CCS: Containment Cooling Spray System
CRD: Control Rod Drive
CS: Core Spray system
D/D FP: Diesel Driven Fire Pump
FCS: Flammability Control System
FP: Fire Protection System
HPCI: High Pressure Coolant Injection System
HPCS: High Pressure Core Spray System
IA: Instrument Air system

IC: Isolation Condensor
ITV: Industrial Television
LOCA: Loss of Coolant Accident
M/C: Metal-Clad Switch Geat
MO: Motor Operated Valve
MP: Monitoring Post
MUWC: Make-p Water System (condensate)
P/C: Power Center
PCV: Primary Containment Vessel
P&ID Piping and Instrumentation Diagram
R/B: Reactor Building
RCIC: Reactor Core Isolation Cooling System
RHR: Residual Heat Removal System

RPS: Reactor Protection System
RPV: Reactor Pressure Vessel
S/B: service building
S/C: Suppression Chamber (pool)
SHC: Shut Down Cooling System
SLC: Stand by Liquid Control System
SRV: safety Relief Valve
ADS: Automatic Depressurization System
ECCS: Emergency Core Cooling System
TAF: Top of Active Fuel
T/B: Turbine Building

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