Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Palestine Red Crescent Society Hails Chris Busby Radiation Expert

Palestine Red Crescent Society: Busby is one of the most prominent and widely respected radiation experts in the world
(Science or propoganda to discredit Israel?)
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Wednesday, December 28, 2011
The Use of Radioactive Uranium in Israeli Military Operations- An International Humanitarian Law Perspective

By: Mutasem Awad
In a recent exclusive interview with Al-Jazeera Satellite Channel, Professor Christopher Busbyfrom the European Committee on Radiation Risk, announced the results of his research and analysis having examined air and soil samples in the Gaza Strip months after the 22 days of Israeli military operations there had ceased.
Prof. Busby is one of the most prominent and widely respected radiation experts in the world, and an accredited witness on international fora such as the UN. In the past, he has testified on the impact of weapons used in wars in Iraq, Kosovo and Lebanon. The Israeli authorities prevented Professor Busby from entering the occupied Gaza Strip to undertake the necessary analyses, but with the help of other physicians he was able to obtain the samples he needed.
The professor said that he had obtained two items to analyze, one of which was a filter from an ambulance covered with dust, and the second was some soil from a hole created by an Israeli bomb. He stated that the analysis showed the filter to contain a degree of uranium, and that the soil sample contained a high degree of enriched uranium. Analysis also showed a high degree of zinc, chrome, and niobium in the air. This is not the first analysis carried out by Professor Busby; he also discovered a high rate of uranium in Lebanon after examining samples from the area in the wake of the Israeli aggression of July 2006.
Professor Busby said, "the real concern is that people can inhale uranium, and this can lead to diseases and health problems, including congenital deformities in children…” If there is too much uranium in the air, there is a danger of pregnant women giving birth to deformed children, the possibility of children with various types of cancer and an increasing number of cancer cases among adults. This was apparent in Iraq and among people who worked in Kosovo in areas where enriched uranium was used.
Professor Busby noted that he had faced great difficulty in finding a laboratory to do the necessary analysis of the Gazan samples, indicating that there had been a strong Israeli influence on the laboratories, to such an extent that some of those who did agree to do the analysis, refused to present the results, according to Professor Busby.

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