Friday, December 2, 2011

Chris Busby Makes Fraudulent Claims About Uranium Weapons
Chris Busby is a self-proclaimed nuclear expert who has claimed that Fallujah is a Muslim Hiroshima. His “peer reviewed” study was rejected by several mainstream journals, by promoted by the news serviced of the Islamic Republic of Iran. H

Now he claims that enriched, not depleted  uranium is mixed in with high explosive in shoulder fired rockets. This completely wrong. The only thing enriched uranium is good for is nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons. Natural uranium has a very low content of fissionable isotope, expensive enrichment is required to produce nuclear fuel or bomb material, thus the huge expense of the Manhattan project. It has no use in kinetic or explosive weapons.

Depleted Uranium DU is used in kinetic kill armor piercing rounds from 20/25mm cannnon (light tanks like M2 Bradley and helicopters like AH-64 Apache and aircaft like A-10) and 120mm tank guns fired by M-1 tanks.

Anti-tank shells made with DU works the same as lead, only heavier. It is shot out of a high-velocity cannon to pierce armor without the need of an explosive. It just punches a big hole like a nail, and creates fragments to destroy / kill what is inside.  Naval shells are fused to explode after piercing armor.

Shoulder fired rockets such as TOW and RPG-7 use HEAT, high explosive anti-tank which are shaped charges which focus explosion to burn a hole in the armor.

Busby claims that isotope analysis of hair samples show that the uranium was actually slightly enriched. This is contrary to US descriptions of DU weapons and contrary to military sense. DU is used because of its high density to pierce armor with kinetic energy. It is not used to attack population with low-level radiation., and even if that were the intent, fresh enriched uranium in nuclear fuel isn’t all that  radioactive either, it can be transported with much less problems than spent fuel which is highly radioactive because of not only uranium but other hazardous radioactive fission products such as  Cesium and strontium.  

Also note that the posting channel is 9-11 truther with a long list of links that generally identify Jews and Israel as the top threat to the world rather than Islamic terrorism or Arab wars against Israel, and blame 9-11 on US policy and Israel.

There are a number of "Israel did Fukushima" conspiracy theories floating about that the earthquake and tsunami were a deliberate attack with HAARP that appear to be part of a campaign to exploit the Fukushima disaster fears to add to doubts about 9-11. Most of these websites link to each other and carry exactly the same stories and authors as if they were an elaborate psy-op network to flood the internet with disinformation with exact opposite of who executed 9-11 as an alternate cover story to promote to the Arab world. It is my belief that Busby is part of this network as he is clearly backing the side promoting the Arab side of the middle east conflict, and his work is motivated by politics, not science.

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