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Fukushim Event: March 11, 2011: Firefighters "What the Hell Happened?"

March 11:

4:00 PM

To withstand nuclear terror - "what the hell happened"


Note: Tomioka is the location for the Fukushima II Nuclear Power Plant, owned by The Tokyo Electric Power Company. Daichi (plant #1) is  in the towns of Okuma and Futaba in the Futaba District 
The second from the primary emergency contact fire Tomioka in Fukushima
The regional fire department and local fire department Futaba district city of Tomioka after the earthquake lost contact with the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. 
The only means of obtaining information was by telephone to the plant. Only after repeated calls did they get through only to be told they needed "more time to research" causing frustration. Then they were told that "there is no water for the emergency core cooling system at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant." About 2 hours after the earthquake, firefighters arrived at one of the two plants, the southern Fukushima II nuclear power plant which did not suffer a power loss or meltdown.
Fire chief Watanabe received a phone call from a " calm person".  Regional Deputy Director, Metropolitan Fire Department Fire in Futaba said an event "equivalent to Article 15 of the events occurred Nuclear Disaster Special Measures Law in Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power" had occured, which sounded quite serious, yet he had no details
7:00 pm A nuclear emergency declaration is issued by the government with instructions to evacuate within 3 km radius of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. The headquarters was confused. "What the hell happened to the nuclear power plant?" They thought "this will displace tens of thousands of people", and told them "Do not panic" 
still to translate: 
 3 12 - 16
Hydrogen explosion in Unit 1 and Unit No. 3, fire two rounds of the Unit 4 reactor building, the fire department or fire department has succession Tomioka requested water and rescue workers were injured.
Water demand of 14 days for Namie, near the reservoir toward the car carrying 6 tons of water containing five combined for both firefighters Tomioka. After completion of water supply, emergency enters from TEPCO."The radiation dose is up. As soon as possible, to evacuate" -. The hydrogen explosion caused the No. 3, was about one hour later.
When a second fire occurred at No. 4 on the 16th, was elected 21 people, including fire-fighting team Watanabe relationship Tomioka fire batons. 着込Mi hooded jacket with a waterproof and fireproof clothing under protective clothing, face mask completely covered.
In Unit 4 was also the day before the fire occurred. "May explode in fire fighting." Members of the extreme tension in the throat as dry as chalk.Vehicle are all remained reticent.
Primary site of penetration from the gate and stopped the vehicle near the building, seismic importance. Several people entered the building from the captain, and kneaded measures TEPCO officials. Insert the pump into the hole with a ladder 8 m square opening in the outer wall of about 40 meters from the ground, decided to discharge remotely.
Members thought that was waiting in the car carefully look around the grounds."How can we ensure the water. TEPCO vehicles do not work." Was not the answer, it was crushed and anxiety do not think anything.
Shortly after the captain had radioed that contains within the building. "The radiation dose is rapidly rising around the building. To stop the fire-fighting."Total number of members has had a high dose, but no less, had reached around 100 millisieverts per hour. One of the members are holding a mixed feelings."Although the fire out, or go back to work without extinguishing"
◇ ◇
Tomioka, Namie has two fire stations 12 No. 1 is a hydrogen explosion, fire department transferred the ability to branch Tomioka Kawauchi Kawauchi village 20 km or more away from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.Typically, about 90 people packed into about 10 field offices are working, emergency transportation and water, often entering the primary site, such as fire extinguishers. At night you sleep in the garage that put the medical Eatento. 運Bi出Shita a dozen workers were injured in a few days after the nuclear accident.
Watanabe's family after fire Tomioka nuclear accident had taken refuge in Saitama Prefecture. The reunion was one month after the accident. Continued to meet trouble. "There was no problem with screening, or ...". I met a family in the exposure Eldest son was 11 months old yet.

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