Sunday, December 25, 2011

Fukushima Assessment at Dec 25 by me

My short assessment this point is that they still have a hell of a mess to clean up, but they'll just have to get over fears and realistically do the best they can to live with the radiation that is all over their island now and hope the small numbers of radiation deaths view of Chernobyl is more accurate than the huge numbers people who appear to be pushing an agenda bigger than nuclear safety by the look of the research and history of characters like Busby and Moret.

 I think as long as US reactors don't have a double whammy like the earthquake tsunami, we have some time to shut down our reactors, but as long as Fukushima is a possibility, we can't afford to have that happen in the US no matter how remote the chances. The nuclear industry is fooling itself if it thinks Fukushima is only a minor setback.

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