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Nukeblog Dec 6, 2011: Stop Forced Radiation Evacuation?

From conservative American Spectator, hat tip scribble live
"Ok look, another nuclear shill saying everyone in Fukushima should go home because it is just "fear" of radiation. spectator.org"

(Note, I pretty much agree with this guy that the huge number of problems now caused by forced evacuation is doing far more harm than the tiny number of problems that might happen later.The only way to escape all oft the radiation is to evacuate Japan and neighboring Asia. The alterative is to figure out how to live with  it best they can. )


Let the People of Fukushima Go Home and Get Back to Work

The science does not support the panic.
The front-page story in the Washington Post on Sunday November 20 vividly portrayed the horrors of the evacuated zones around Fukushima with unforgettable imagery. A natural reaction is to call for more restrictive safety measures. But one point was not made clear: No one, not one single person, has received a life-altering injury from radiation since the disaster started unfolding last March. The atrocities described are caused by the application of international radiation standards that are set at levels far below where science shows adverse health effects occur, and by the fear of radiation that policy creates and nurtures. Once again, fear of radiation does more harm that the radiation itself.
The reality is that, while some people in the Fukushima housing area are wearing cumbersome rad-con suits, filtered gas-masks, gloves and booties, and putting the same on their children, other people are living carefree in places like Norway, Brazil, Iran, India where folks have lived normal lives for countless generations with radiation levels as much as a hundred times greater than the forbidden areas of the Fukushima homes.

Who gave the radiation police the right to give their particular concern priority over all other considerations? That question is not limited to Japan. A proposed European Community directive dated 17 Oct 2011 notes that the doses of radiation being regulated are small compared to doses people receive in the normal course of living. Instead of reaching the common-sense conclusion that they should therefore stop trying to regulate harmless doses of radiation, they decided they have to regulate Nature! They want us to wage an endless war against our naturally radioactive planet, when there is good evidence that without radiation, Life withers and dies.
Few if any people decide where to live, or how to live, on the basis of radiation level. There is no reason that they should start doing so now. Let the good people of Fukushima return home and get on with their lives!

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Dr. Theodore Rockwell is a member of the National Academy of Engineering, editor of the 1956 handbook, The Reactor Shielding Design Manual, now available on the Department of Energy's website, and the first recipient of the American

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