Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fukushima Conspiracy Theories

There's some pretty wierd stuff out there about Fukushima. As they say, sunshine is the best disinfectant.

This is your source on debunking Fukushima conspiracy theories

@@Jim Stone
@@Leuren Moret


Crazy or deliberate disinformation? You decide.

Extraterrestrials in Film: Fukushima manifests Archon-orchestrated World War III plot

@@Jim Stone

Website for nature photography uncovers conspiracy that Israel did Fukushima

Make take on this guy:
Now this means one of two things. Either a) the Joos did it or b) somebody who reallly, really doesn’t like Jewish people or was paid by somebody who really doesn’t like Jewish people and likely wants “true peace in palestine” and the “democracy spring” went to a lot of trouble to create a pile of made up crap to make stupid gullible people who hate jews think the jews did it. See my "debunking article"

Here are some mentions of Jim Stone

Is Fukushima Act Of War Or Accident - Jim Stone Feet 2 Fire
Go to this link to get all the links mentioned in the interview

Interview 5-29-2011 Feet 2 Fire
Guest: "Jim Stone" -Freelance Photographer, Reporter

Tonight's guest has worked for the National Security agency with an above top secret clearance specializing in Electronic Warfare. He also has extensive experience in automated industrial control systems, as well as an extensive background in computers and advanced electronics. He has dedicated his life to exposing the works of the elite from a technology standpoint and has achieved a unique status which enables him to commit a vast amount of time to research complex and demanding subjects.

He is here tonight to discuss his study into the events leading up to the disaster at Fukushima, and to offer a well researched opinion on what the future holds for Fukushima, Japan, and the rest of the world.

1)- The Earthquake was not 9.0 but 6.2, as reported by all station.
2)- Reactor #4 was disassembled in repair, so, how could it explode/meltdown?
3)- Rectors were huge and case hardened, but, were completely destroyed by a supposed hydrogen blast?
4- The automatic backup systems were told to stand down and needed no power to work (being powered by steam!).
5)- There was NO earthquake damage from the largest quake ever to hit Japan before the Tsunami hit.

There is SOOOO much more... ending with proof they were destroyed by a nuke NOT the earthquake or Tsunami. Follow along from his webpage as Jim shows step by step proof, this was not an act of nature, but, and act of war.

What else is on TulsaChange? 9-11 conspiracy theories that blame Israel for the attacks.
The 9/11 “Islamic terrorist” attacks were staged by the shadow CIA-Mossad network in 2001

The Rest Of The Story:

Extraterrestrials in Film: Fukushima manifests Archon-orchestrated World War III plot

Investigative researchers like Jim Stone have documented evidence that Fukushima was perpetrated using exotic technologies which included an intelligently-guided computer virus, and a “tsunami bomb”.

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