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News: Roof of Reactor 4 Removed Over Fuel Pool Dec 13, 2011

From the latest google alerts:

Local Japan Survey Shows High Radiation Exposure
Wall Street Journal
By YUKA HAYASHI TOKYO—Hundreds of Fukushima residents were exposed to radiation well above the level permitted for the general public following the March nuclear disaster, according to an official survey released Tuesday, confirming the accident's ...
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NRC 'Coup' Leader, Bill Magwood, Consulted For Fukushima Parent Company
Huffington Post
show a political and ideological battle underway over post-Fukushima safety standards. Issa and Markey appeared opposite one another on MSNBC on Monday, continuing to debate whether the issue is one of personality or the politics of nuclear safety. ...
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Barca meet Fukushima children ahead of match
YOKOHAMA, Japan — Barcelona on Tuesday ended a brief break in Japan before their Club World Cup battle by meeting children evacuated from the region around the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant. Lionel Messi, Xavi and other stars presented...
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EDF to up UK nuclear spend in wake of Fukushima
Reuters UK
By Karolin Schaps LONDON (Reuters) - EDF Energy will increase its current 300 million pounds a year investment on UK nuclear plants to adopt extra safety rules imposed by Britain's nuclear regulator after the Fukushima nuclear disaster, ...
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Retiring Fukushima I plant manager discloses disease
The Denki Shimbun (Electric Daily News)
TOKYO --Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc. announced December 9 that executive officer Masao Yoshida, who had been manager of the Fukushima I nuclear power station and resigned this post for treatment of disease, had contracted esophagus cancer. ...
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The Denki Shimbun (Electric Daily News)
Nuclear agency OKs TEPCO's mid-term Fukushima plant management plan.
Power Engineering Magazine
s medium-term facility management plan for thecrippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is appropriate. The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency plans to submit the evaluation on the management plan for the next three years or so to the Nuclear ...
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RADIOACTIVE RICE Fukushima rice in cesium limbo
The Japan Times
By NATSUKO FUKUE Autumn is high season for freshly harvested "shinmai," the new rice marketed as a seasonal favorite in Fukushima Prefecture. But the farmers there fear their fare will go unsold because harvests around three cities have turned up ...
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The Japan Times
Google's Updated Street View of Fukushima Makes Me Want to Cry
Just look at the destruction. Seaside towns transformed into inland mountains of rubble. Google's traveled some 44000 kilometers through tsunami-ravaged Japanese countryside to digitally archive the immense damage. Be sure to have a hanky at the ready ...
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Seabrook disaster plan still hot topic
By Patrick Cronin SEABROOK — If the Seabrook Station nuclear power plant experienced a meltdown like the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan, state officials say, the plan to evacuate residents who live within a 10-mile radius of the plant would be ...
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Radiation exposure outside Fukushima exclusion zone - E & T ...
Residents outside the Fukushima exclusion zone were likely to have been exposed to radiation in the aftermath of the earthquake. - E&T Magazine.
ET news
(This is disinformation error, TEPCO removed the wall and roof section)
Prison Planet.com » Confirmed: Fukushima disaster contaminated ...
By admin
Things are suddenly heating up again with Fukushima. As we reported yesterday, the southern wall ofFukushima reactor #4 apparently collapsed over the past few days, calling into question the structural integrity of the remainder of the ...
Prison Planet.com
Commissioner battling nuclear regulatory chairman has ties to ...
By Eric W. Dolan
One of the commissioners upset with the behavior of Gregory Jaczko, chairman of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), served as a consultant for the Japanese company that owns theFukushima nuclear power plant, according to ...
The Raw Story

Wild monkeys to measure radiation levels in Fukushima | Citizens ...
By legitgov
Wild monkeys to measure radiation levels in Fukushima 12 Dec 2011 Wild monkeys in nuclear-hitFukushima are to be fitted with special radiation-reading monitors in order to measure contamination levels in forests. The new project ...
Citizens for Legitimate Government

Fukushima Fuel Pool Worries Justified, Says U.S ...
ATLANTA -- The top U.S. nuclear official in Japan said Thursday that his team warned higher ...
Birth of the 'double tsunami' that swamped ...
32 sec
Nasa video compiled from satellite and GPS data shows how multiple waves merged to form the ...
Ex-head of Fukushima nuke plant has cancer - CBS ...
25 sec
CBS News video: Ex-head of Fukushima nuke plant has cancer - The former chief of the ...
Fukushima Safety Level NOT SAFE! - YouTube
19 min
Studies cited in order presented: National Academy of Sciences Low-Dose Radiation Report ...
The Long-term Impact of Fukushima on Nuclear ...
73 min
Dr Arjun Makhijani, President of the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research, gives a ...

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Question about hydrogen venting effectiveness, they didn't work at Fukushima:

  • Found another implication in the NRC documents:

    As a defense-in-depth measure, NTTF Recommendation 6 should be
    expanded to include a requirement for BWR plants with Mark I and Mark II containments to implement combustible gas control measures in the reactor buildings functionally akin to those provided in the Mark III reactor buildings.

    They would be required to install hydrogen management systems for the reactor building beyond the current inerting/negative pressure system.
    by lillymunster 2:40 PM
    • I am seeing about 20 worldwide Mark II containment reactors. 9 in the US with a handful of Mark 3 containments.en.wikipedia.org
      by lillymunster 2:20 PM
      • This is one of the warnings about the vent systems www.startribune.com

        This mentions the quakes may have damaged venting systems at Fuku in some units. www.nytimes.com
        by lillymunster 2:08 PM
        • What that says to me is that the vents in the US are likely junk or of questionable functionality in a real accident. The NRC also mentioned that shared vents may no longer be allowed. There was a nuke worker whistle blower months ago in the US that said many of these vent systems likely would not work in an accident since installation was voluntary operators cut corners and did the bare minimum to pass NRC's request. The initial requirement of these vents was a big stinky mess and the operators all fought it. Now if they were mandated to put functional vents, 1 per unit in all these way old units that are already past their life spans?
          by lillymunster 2:05 PM
          Another tidbit from the Oct 13th NRC paper.

          Available plant data indicate that the primary containment pressures in Fukushima Dai-ichi Units 1, 2, and 3 substantially exceeded the design pressure for the containments. Although these plants had hardened wetwell vents, operators had great difficulty in trying to use the venting
          systems to reduce pressure in the containments. All U.S. BWRs with Mark I containments and three of the eight U.S. BWRs with Mark II containments have installed hardened vents [1]. Current NRC regulations do not require hardened vents or specify their functional capabilitiesInstallation of the vents was done on a voluntary basis under the provisions of 10 CFR 50.59
          subsequent to staff’s issuance of Generic Letter 89-16, “Installation of a Hardened Wetwell Vent,” on September 1, 1989. The designs of these vents vary from plant to plant, and many are dependent on AC power. The Fukushima event has demonstrated the need for reliable hardened vents with valves that can be readily accessed and operated under extended SBO
          by lillymunster 2:02 PM

          TEPCO boss cancer: result of working years in nuclear? 

          This probably isn't news to y'all, but the ex-Tepco head's illness was announced as esophageal cancerwww.heraldsun.com.au They say it's probably not related, and I'd have to agree. If it was a fast-onset cancer like leukemia, I'd suspect a connection, but hard cancers take years to set in. However, a career of working in NPPs (if that's what his career involved) could have been a factor.
          by Ian 11:07 AM

          Controlled Removal, not collapse of Unit 4 Roof? 
          @Ian this TEPCO handout talks about the debris removal there are other TEPCO statements that talk about it. It makes sense to remove that section as long as they could do it without risking failing something else. It was all hanging there in the way of the spent fuel pool. Having it come down in a planned way would be better than having it finally fall and drop onto the refueling floor. That jolt could break more things below it.

          by lillymunster 10:10 AM

          @lillymunster, thanks! I posted this comment to that video (on a channel that specializes in propagating BS):

          Reality check: The change to Unit 4 is NOT a collapse indicating any further catastrophic collapse. The missing portion is part of an structural modification to facilitate a larger structural-integrity renovation that TEPCO announced they'd be doing.

          Google’s Updated Street View of Fukushima Makes Me Want to Cry

          (actually that's general tsunami destruction, not the nuclear plant or the city)

          Just look at the destruction. Seaside towns transformed into inland mountains of rubble. Google's traveled some 44,000 kilometers through tsunami-ravaged Japanese countryside to digitally archive the immense damage. Be sure to have a hanky at the ready when exploring.
          The search giant has delivered on a promise it made in July to obtain updated photos of the afflicted region. The shots are now available on Google Maps as well as a special site "Build the Memory," where users can compare before-and-after shots of the devastation. The updated pictures also include a new and much requested Google Maps feature—timestamps listing the month and year the photo was taken. [Google Blog]

          Another fellow who, like Arnie believes there was some sort of nuclear quick criticality going on in the 3-boom unit 3 explosion: 
          This guy is an industry expert that has worked in JP nukes for a while based on the background in the article. He says unit 3 had a hydrogen and a nuclear explosion claiming the multiple blasts in the video of 3 as partial proof. It is in JP but rather long. I can machine translate and post if anyone can't pull a machine translation themselves.www.zakzak.co.jp
          by lillymunster 6:27 PM yesterday

          "The March 14 explosion at Fukushima Daiichi Unit 3 nuclear power plant is atomic bomb (nuclear explosion), but!"So says the Japan Nuclear Safety Organization board until the spring of '10 (JNES) Setsuo Fujiwara said he was an inspector at the primary. One expert I know every corner and operation of nuclear facilities."With the explosion of Unit 3, Innovation Pickering once after leaving the fire, and building up straight 立Chi上Tsu to Dawn and black smoke. Black smoke like that is issued by a hydrogen explosion. Good shape and mushroom clouds, nuclear are very similar to the phenomenon of explosion "However, the government, TEPCO announced, but inside the reactor should have been stabilizing?"Cause significant airborne radioactivity is a spent fuel pool"He was removed from the land aerial photographs depicting the primary one."The upper frame building is in the location of the spent fuel pool 吹Tsu飛N. Explosion occurs in the pool, there was a fuel rod is likely to have had scattered"But even melted down and accumulate spent fuel, for example, nuclear explosions Would it really happens."Unit 3 in the pool of fuel, less cooling water caused by an explosion, hydrogen is generated by Zircaloy-water reaction. To melt the fuel cladding above the pellet in the state breakout. Atoms in the pool just like a furnace, boiling water seems to have reduced output in the critical state. and hydrogen explosions above the water pool. voiding pressure in the boiling water (steam) is compressed. so negative void reactivity coefficient,stretch increases the reactivity of fission, nuclear explosions prompt criticality occurred. and watch the slow motion video of the explosion of Unit 3, the sound heard three explosions. This is evidence of a nuclear explosion occurred after the hydrogen explosion "Then he pointed in the area's No. 3 and connecting the exhaust stack pipe. Is there a fat pipe rupture, the short tube rolling with open mouth."TEPCO, happened hydrogen explosion in Unit No. 4 of periodic inspections, through this pipe the hydrogen generated by Unit No. 3, explained that since entering the building Unit No. 4. And photos, but As piping is not connected. The hydrogen is generated in the spent fuel pool at Unit 4, said the explosion. both Units 3 and 4 explosion, spent fuel pool if hydrogen, Unit 1 spent fuel pool is also Do not by hydrogen explosions. For these important accident scenario, not a nobody dissed "He has also raised the contents of these accident scenarios for nuclear engineers who de, it declined to comment. "Engineers of Japan, except that his area of ​​expertise is not trying to say difficult," Mr. Fujiwara is frustrating. [Read more]Fired falsification of data be rejected? "Nuclear village" rotten constitution

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