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Floats now - tennis shoes with feet may be next

Flotsam in a current travels an average of seven miles per hour, but it can move as much as 20 mph if it has a large area exposed to the wind, he said.

The float that was found in Neah Bay sits well above the water, has a very shallow draft and is lightweight, exactly what Ingraham’s computer model said would show up first.

It was found by Surfrider beach cleanup crews working on a Makah-owned beach on the strait, a few miles east of Neah Bay, Ebbesmeyer said.

The black floats are seen in the middle of the Pacific by the hundreds, and are not something that has been seen on Eastern Pacific beaches before, he said.

The floats are included in masses of black blobs supporting huge rafts of debris that include fishing boats, houses and possibly human bodies, Ebbesmeyer said.

Many of those bodies and parts of bodies will likely begin washing up in about a year, some simply as feet in athletic shoes, similar to those found in Puget Sound over the last decade, he said.

Ebbesmeyer has done extensive research on those feet, and said that many more may be found in coming years.

Athletic shoes make the perfect floats to preserve parts of bodies, Ebbesmeyer said, and there are still thousands of people missing from tsunami-stricken areas of Japan.

Shoes with remains or other possibly human remains found on beaches should be reported to the appropriate authorities, either police, sheriff’s deputies or park rangers, he said.

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Japan's Traders Target $200 Billion Power Market After Fukushima
Mitsui & Co., the second-largest trading house, says that may change as the Fukushima nuclear disaster forces a review of electricity monopolies set up after World War II. It's an opportunity rivals Marubeni Corp. and Sumitomo Corp. are also looking at ...
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The hermit of Fukushima 'staying put' despite risks
KORIYAMA, Japan — Naoto Matsumura is tired of being accused of madness for refusing to leave his farm in the shadow of Japan's still-leaking Fukushima nuclear plant. "I'm not crazy," insists the 52-year-old, who claims he is the only person living in ...
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Radiation doses vary with evacuation patterns
The Daily Yomiuri
FUKUSHIMA--Evacuation patterns affected the differing levels of external radiation to which residents of Fukushima Prefecture were exposed in the first four months of the crisis at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, according to the prefectural ...
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Meiji's Weak PR Formula
Wall Street Journal
By JAMES SIMMS From Toyota Motor's recall crisis to Tokyo Electric Power'sFukushima fiasco, Japan Inc. has had plenty of chances to learn the hard way the value of good corporate communications. Now dairy and confectionary company Meiji Holdings is ...
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Wall Street Journal
Areva still eyeing SA nuclear plants
Business Day
The world's biggest nuclear reactor builder is still reeling from the disaster at Japan's Fukushimaplant after the earthquake and tsunami in March. In response, the Italian, Swiss and German governments announced they would phase out nuclear power. ...
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Report highlights radiation outside Fukushima
TOKYO -- Residents outside the Fukushima exclusion zone were likely most exposed to radiation in the four months after the nuclear plant was wrecked by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, the local government said on Tuesday. ...
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The hermit of Fukushima 'staying put' despite risks
Straits Times
This handout picture released from Naoto Matsumura and taken on May 18, 2011 shows dairy farmer Naoto Matsumura feeding a cow at his farm in Tomioka town inFukushima prefecture, west of the stricken TEPCO Fukushima nuclear power plant. ...
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Straits Times
Messi meets Fukushima locals
Barcelona's star-studded team took time out on their visit to Japan to meet eleven survivors of the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster. Barcelona's star-studded team took time out on their visit to Japan to meet eleven survivors of the Fukushima ...
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Witch hunt for guy who was too tough on nuclear safety?
Fight among nation's top nuclear regulators gets airing before Congress
Christian Science Monitor
At the heart of the fight is Gregory Jaczko, chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, who is under fire for his management style as the agency weighed safety improvements after the Fukushima disaster. By Mark Clayton, Staff writer / December 14, ...
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Christian Science Monitor
Honeywell UOP Adsorbents Successfully Used To Remove Radiation From Water At ...
VAdvert Press Center (press release)
UOP LLC, a Honeywell (NYSE: HON) company, announced today that its adsorbent ion exchange products are successfully being used by Toshiba Corporation and Shaw Global Services LLC for the cleanup of radiation-contaminated water at the Fukushima Daiichi ...
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Nuclear power post Fukushima | SmartPlanet
By David Worthington
Columbia University recently held a panel to determine what will happen with nuclear energy postFukushima. Despite public concern, experts agree that.
Intelligent Energy | SmartPlanet
The hermit of Fukushima 'staying put' despite risks | MNN - Mother ...
By Super Admin

Naoto Matsumura is tired of being accused of madness for refusing to leave his farm in the shadow of Japan's still-leaking Fukushima nuclear plant.
Earth Matters News
#Fukushima I Nuke Plant: Reactor 4 Is NOT Falling Apart (Yet); It ...
By arevamirpal::laprimavera
Professor Hayakawa's Fukushima-Chernobyl Compariso. ... NRC's Greg Jaczko To Visit FukushimaIn Time For D... TEPCO's ... Fukushima Residents Had Max 37 Millisieverts Exter. ... Yet More #Radioactive Rice from Fukushima, From Wa. ...

And Wild Monkeys Will Fly Out of my...
Japan Unleashing Packs of Wild Monkeys to Test Fukushima ...
By Sam Biddle
Problem: nobody knows just how bad the radioactive contamination is at Fukushima, nine months later. Prediction: still pretty bad. Solution: send in a bunch of monkeys armed with radiation meters and GPS collars, hope for the best. Let's do it!
Update to core cooling information at Fukushima Daiichi
By Will Davis
I have finally (thanks to A. David Rossin and some other new friends) finally seen an illustration from TEPCO indicating the cooling flow paths being used at the Fukushima Daiichi plants; it does appear now that TEPCO is using the core spray ...
atomic power review
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NRC 'Coup' Leader, Bill Magwood, Consulted For ...
WASHINGTON -- Bill Magwood, the man at the center of an effort to overthrow the chairman of ...

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