Saturday, November 26, 2011

Schools near Tokyo Exceed Contamination Standareds


It looks like the low levels of radiation that have been delivered by rain are accumlating in places like gaps between buildings at level high enough to require decontamination measures. Nuclear disaster plans did not count on fallout being delivered by wind and rain far outside the plant area. Hat tip: Scribble quake board

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Decontamination standards over at 6 or 50 micro sievert in Arakawa

Detected a high radiation dose, the two gaps in the building.After School Care facility (right) of the roof rainwater, and Arakawa = all coming here was a structure

 Shioiri small Arakawa Ward (Minamisenju) in the amount of radiation detected problems of micro sievert per hour on site six hundred forty-six, all district elementary schools and kindergartens, nursery schools in the district measured results, including a five-phase In places ten were found to be more than hundred micro sievert per hour • Secondary 三 a standard surface area decontamination. From parents is "surprised by a higher number," the voice of fear and out.
 Ward was measured twenty-eight placesThe guns above the decontamination standards kindergarten, nursery thirty, sixty elementary sufficient junior high, one middle school Korean first. Six elementary schools were also higher than one hundred micro-sievert.
 Shioiri small Kahoru principal Hasegawa maximum value was detected ", but the child was originally 立Chi入Ranai place, receive and measurement experts, rather relieved. To answer queries from parents with care, school news in detail in writing" said.
 40s girls mothers of children ministry three days twenty learned District home page. Twenty-four days was a school girl, there was no explanation from the school. "In the nursery and ask that measured immediately known. What the numbers mean, and anti Mandarake to know. I want to open the meetings," and ask.
 Ward, and off-limits to fifteen places above the reference pressure washing paved area, such as replacing the soil. Where less than one hundred micro sievert Still, being considered, such as by removing the soil cement in concrete. The number, and the future, such as primary and secondary schools that jut out to the board. (Keiko Inoue)

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