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Radiation Exposed 21 yr old Fukushima Worker Reportedly Dies of Heart Attack

Stories of mysterious Fukushiima worker deaths that look like there is no other obvious explanation than radiation exposure continue. The official industry / government line is that no people have died from exposure to radiation at Fukushima. 500 msv is about half the 1000 msv amount that will give you obvious sickness symptoms, so it is almost certainly enough to cause medium-long term damage before long. Cases like this need to be investigated for research into nuclear health effects, not swept under  the rug. 

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This story isn't going away and now two fairly well known Japanese journalists are on it. This is the story that a 21 year old worker died at home from heart attack type problems. This version says he had 500 mSv of radiation from work. While the story wasn't getting much traction due to it sounding like a rumor this could fit with some of the workers doing heroic actions in March. We know a few likely got huge doses.
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Died at home in the town 21 years nuclear power plant workers exposed over Kawamata, Fukushima 500mSv. The police immediately cremated without autopsy also. TEPCO announced at a press does not cover up!

Here are the videos and photographs depicting how TEPCO officials ask residents of the city Kawamata in Fukushima Prefecture and representative stories from a heart attack and died at his home in Kawamata town, Fukushima nuclear power plant workers 21 years old. 

Rather than death in the primary, then I was out of work in order to exceed exposure limits, Junichi Matsumoto, TEPCO has not even announced what a news conference. 

And that is the Fukushima prefectural police had been cremated immediately without even death autopsy. 

TEPCO is in such form, hiding the primary worker's death, and I think that at least 見Seyou. It is said that two people that know the town residents Kawamata, I think that those other people. 

Nantes 21 years, but a long long way, what are peppered with super radiation 500mSv .... At last, and not hidden in the dead will not be dissected 浮Kaba. 

In addition to praying for the souls of our young nuclear workers 21 years old, never allow a cover-up of TEPCO. You certainly Yarimashou 暴Ki出Shi. 

============================================== # ! / Kinoryuichi/Status/127007689602633729 

Yong-il @ Kino kinoryuichi (Ryuichi KINO)
Young people aged 21 and over dose you get out, and died from a heart attack, residents of the city representatives Kawamata. Huh ? ? For more information, YOU have to check. M (__ __) M (# Iwj_Fukushima1 Live at Http:// ) # Iwakamiyasumi 


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Did I say that residents of the town yesterday Kawamata discussion with TEPCO
Yeah workers died of a heart attack aged 21 primary
TEPCO, except those who died at the scene of a worker's compensation plans allow
I have such people are completely ignored, in addition to three people dead so far
That I found people were killed
The typical symptoms of heart failure due to the accumulation of cesium exposure 


"You guys are dead from a heart attack 21 years young acquaintance is hide it.
I know two people dead people.
Please check whether we get there is virtual dissection without even death. " 

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In nature, such as the age of 21 is possible without myocardial infarction. 
It is death by internal exposure to cesium Accident! 
TEPCO and the police and this will pass over in silence,,, just mafia! !
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I 8 1 / 2

Toka constitution naturally susceptible, and that they were very intemperance, but it is unlikely unless very special conditions?

Was immediately cremated, with no causal relationship had been exposed would not be clean enough.This became apparent that yet another group is the police and TEPCO.

Absolutely not tolerate? ! !
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I forgot.
Pochi masterpiece.
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Not only was released a lot of workers died in the Chernobyl accident I started out.

Please I will be reprinted
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NAME and Nasan or

It is still at Chernobyl was the case.
"Liberalism," "democracy" advocating Japan remains much.

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I think the regret. (Palms)
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Mr. mokeihiki

Is also a good hiding place.
TEPCO is the way I always do this?
Responsibility of the government are not allowed to leave it.

Reviews of reproduction, is OK.

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