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NukeBlog Nov 22: Radiation Covers 8% of Japan, Busby's Magic Radiation Vitamins

From Google alert:

Fukushima accident raises spent fuel concerns in US
Brattleboro Reformer
That's a question the Nuclear Regulatory Commission will be asking as part of its "lessons learned" review of the nuclear accident at Fukushima in Japan. In late July, the Union of Concerned Scientists suggested to the NRC that now would be a good time ...
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Chris Busby and the Expensive Anti-Radiation Vitamins for Fukushima
Oh my, this is just lovely: one of Europe's great anti-radiation cranks has been found endorsing some very strange theories about radiation in Japan after Fukushima. The story turns up in The Guardian and is partly by George Monbiot (to whom great ...
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Radiation covers 8pc of Japan
ABC Online (Australia)
By North Asia correspondent Mark Willacy The Fukushima plant went into meltdown after a massive earthquake and tsunami hit the country in March. Japan's science ministry says 8 per cent of the country's surface area has been contaminated by radiation ...
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Buffett's optimism punctures gloom enveloping Japan
Financial Times
After swooping in by helicopter for a factory opening in north-east Japan's Iwaki city – just a few dozen kilometres south of the tsunami-crippled Fukushima Daiichi atomic plant – Mr Buffett hailed the area's “amazing” recovery and hinted he was on the ...
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Be clear about nuclear
Hindustan Times
This is happening because of the apprehensions that have surfaced after the incidents inFukushima, Japan. However, there are two other reasons for it: the lack of adequate There is little commonality between the two projects in India and Japan. ...
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COMMENT: A chronicle of nuclear decay: Over half a year later, what have we ...
MOSCOW – Eight months since the fateful March of 2011, one of the world's worst nuclear catastrophes that enflamed Japan's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant has ceased to be the stuff of front-page frenzy. We will likely still see radioactive goods...
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Fukushima still looking for effective approaches to decontamination
The Denki Shimbun (Electric Daily News)
TOKYO --National authorities are preparing for the start of full-scale decontamination operations in Fukushima Prefecture, the site of the stricken Fukushima I nuclear power station. November 18 saw the launch of a model project for effective promotion ...
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Fukushima linked to less births (conspiracy media)
Canadian National Newspaper
(NHK) -- A survey in Fukushima Prefecture shows the number of births fell by 25 percent in the 3 months following the accident at the nuclear power plant. The Japan Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists conducted a nationwide survey of around ...
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Canadian National Newspaper
Fukushima Architect Issues Dire Warning (conspiracy media)
Pacific Free Press
by Fukushima Diary Architect of Fukushima Daiichi Reactor 3, Uehara Haruo, the former president of Saga University had an interview on 11/17/2011. In this interview, he admitted Tepco's explanation does not make sense, and that the China syndrome is ...
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Cleanup Begins Near Japanese Nuclear Plant
Global Security Newswire
Japan last week launched an effort to eliminate radioactive material from locations within the 12-mile restricted area around the Fukushima Daiichi atomic facility, the Asahi Shimbun reported (see GSN, Nov. 18). The six-reactor power plant was damaged ...
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Massive Hydrovolcanic Explosion Inevitable at Fukushima :
By Alex
On November 17, the architect of Fukushima Daiichi Reactor 3, Uehara Haruo, was interviewed in Japan. He warned that a “China Syndrome” situation is inevitable at the plant. Haruo said that considering eight months have passed since the ...

From the Scribble Earthquake board: 

An article about using nuke batteries to power long-range space probes. I thought they wouldn't launch nuke fuel because of danger of contamination? Maybe it's a tiny amount? www.space.com
by M.I.A. 11:24 AM

 Busby is begging for money. Claiming he lives in lives on 408 pounds a month of govt. retirement money. He is wanting people to make donations for some lab equipment to the "Dr. Busby Support Fund". It has an account number to send money to and claims he has collected over $700k so far
Donations payees: giro account "Harmonics Life Center" 
Account Number: 00110-1-144224 
Note correspondence column, "Dr. Busby Support Fund" and please specify.

Currently (November 18) to the total donations is $ 776,500. Everyone, thank you.

Worker tweets - read bottom to top
7 Continued: I've been doing budget cuts began working as an employee of such order the manufacturer Yappa expenses. I'm hard work from many people not accustomed to it. Toka gotta hurt ... I hope.

6 continued: That's after installing ancillary facilities are laundry Toka Toka solidification facility. 'm Working around a cousin of the head plate of the contents can not work there ... but bottom line. As another reason for the increase, the fewer workers a company or cooperative affiliates have started doing it TEPCO TEPCO employees and was doing the work so far by the manufacturer.

5 more: the work has now been decided not to do debris removal flow of System Operation No. 3, dismantled equipment, dismantled unloading fuel in the SFP front of Unit 4 System Operation, Maintenance Tank maintenance of water treatment systems installed pollution, one maintenance of irrigation system maintenance in the furnace of Unit-4, I just installed or impervious wall.

Four following: Unit 3 reactor building is to put a high dose Dashimashi building ... even still. I have every single 決Menakya to analyze the data in the containment gas management system.行Kenakya not work well in the reactor building or underground. This means that I do not think I should also lead to the workers.

Three more: and say What do not determined why the next step is understanding the situation in the pressure vessel Toka containment do how to work them in the main those measures for waterproofing and know where I leak polluted water in irrigation in the furnace I think that I'm not embody.

2 more: I finished up the second step the government says, then the work of one of the reasons I think I also decided not to work more specifically decided not to include specific planning stage yet.

One more: I was also cut workers in the National Assembly yesterday, yes, and how do I not where Japanese and Chinese companies, I do not not reduce overall workers. The reason I think fewer workers but simply not there was shrunk to the budget.
by lillymunster 4:53 AM
  • A doctor from a Fukushima hospital speaking here last weekend said that many families are divided since one parent stays in the prefecture in order to work, while the other moves away with the children. He says that the divorce rate has been skyrocketing.
    by bo 4:06 AM
    • @bo I noticed something while digging on Chernobyl information last week. I think it just finally dawned on me, how rural areas seem to play into these accidents or disasters. The nature of nuclear installations or power plants causes them to need to be put away from population centers. It seems to then have the double issue of exploiting the local rural population. Then the typical issues of rural communities come into play. Income, social status, education of the population and the small total numbers of people that all play into them being bullied, manipulated or exploited. Someone protesting at METI mentioned how the rural nature of Fukushima adds to the income disparity and how it is another situation of those with wealth running over everyone else.
      by lillymunster 4:05 AM

      TEPCO dumped a bunch of videos www.tepco.co.jp
      by lillymunster 7:25 PM yesterday

      Fukushima Food Making Its Way Into Retail Food Supply

      The twitter explanation says that Fukushima rice is going into convenience store food products.

      Trans of the actual page linked
      Fukushima rice production, and distribution in convenience stores and trading, mainly sake and eateries have been avoided. NHK modern close-up. I still ····· convenience. Lunch and a convenience store onigiri, rice is used in Fukushima. Also trading, again, that's Shitataka. Consumer's absence. twitpic.com
      by lillymunster via Twitpic 3:51 AM

      Don't eat the wild boar 
      Nihonmatsu, cesium reference value over a boar meat from Minamisoma
       County on June 21, announced inspection of radioactive material captured wild animals. Radioactive cesium has been detected in 4600 to 10,000 becquerels of wild boar meat was captured in Nihonmatsu.
       Of the test, eight samples from wild boar and Minamisoma city, the country's interim standard all samples (500 becquerel per kilogram) exceeded. 4600 Becquerel discovered ten thousand range 693-1. Been captured in the wild boar Minamisoma was first detected. 
       Aizu boar, in all regions except Minamiaizu detect radioactive cesium exceeding the provisional standard in the country. Refrain from self-consumption is in the region, bi-phase uptake in the region, where the ship is limited. 

      by lillymunster 6:42 PM yesterday

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