Monday, March 12, 2012

Fukushima What Happened To Fueling Platform #3?

Nobody has seen what happened to the fueling platform for unit 3. It's still in place for Units 1, 2, and 4, but it appears #3 might have been one of the big black shapes that was blown sky high in that black explosion plume. It is about the size of the large hole in the roof of turbine building #4 next door.

did anybody ever figure out a) what made the big hole in turbine 3 building roof and b) what happened to fueling platform #3? Seems they should have been able to look at what is inside turbine building 3 by now. Seems useful to know where that fueling platform went.
Nancy F.
2:47 PM
Ian found what may be the top of the refueling crane in the SFP, still looking back at photos to get a better idea. The remaining big rail part of the refueling crane (not the overhead crane) is either gone and possibly through the turbine building roof or is in the pool. We have been reviewing images trying to determine if it could be IN the pool with the top part or not
Itsumi asked the workers for me months ago about what went through the turbine building roof and they would not give me a clear answer. I don't know if they can't safely get in there, if it isn't a priority for them or if there is more to it.

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