Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fukushima Crisis: Impact on Bird Population

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Title: In Japan, Relief at Radiation’s Low Toll
Source: Wall Street Journal
Date: March 9, 2012
[...] Those studying the accident warn, however, that the early, reassuring conclusions may understate the extent of exposure for certain people. They add that scientists still know very little about the effect on the human body of extended exposure to low-level radiation. There also have been some disturbing developments—a reduction in the bird population near the plant, high levels of radiation in local fish—that biologists say they will continue to watch.

Ecologists and biologists who toured Fukushima prefecture earlier this year found that the radiation release appeared to have had a dramatic impact on birds in the region. Biologists led by radio-ecologist Timothy Mousseau at the University of South Carolina studied 300 locations around Fukushima last July and found that local bird populations had dropped by about a third. “The response was about twice as much as after Chernobyl,” said Dr. Mousseau. “We don’t know why yet.”

Their absence was noticeable. “It is an eerie quietness,” he said. “The environment is just quieter.”

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