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Fukushima Conspiracy Theories

Who is promoting the idea that Fukushima was a false flag against by Israel and the United States by Japan?

Promoters (mostly anti-Israel, pro-Palestine)
  • American Free Press: Run white nationalist Willis Carto linked to Jim Fetzer, Leuren Moret, William Fox, Veterans Today etc. called a source of anti-Semitic 9-11 theories by ADL
  • Canadian National Newspaper(AFP, 9-11 conspiracy, UFO, anti-Israel)
  • Henry Makow
  • Jim Fetzer (AFP, 9-11 conspiracy, anti-Isreal)
  • Leuren Moret (AFP RFK conspiracy, anti-Israell)
  • Major William Fox, USA (ret.), (AFP, anti-Israel) former intelligence officer publishes, promotes "libertarian white nationalism"
  • Veterans Today (AFP, called a source of anti-Semitic 9-11 theories by ADL)
  • Yoishi Shimatsu(AFP, says US not North Korea attacked SKorean destroyer)
  • Jeff Rense ""As for the particular story about 'nuclear bombs' being used to cause the Fukushima quake and tsunami, I will not entertain such trash on my site"
  • Wired Magazine "our weekly look at the planet’s most insane conspiracy theories. "

//Asia Tsunami

This 2005 conspiracy theory says that American troops wage war for Jewish Zionists, but won't save Muslims and asks if the US placed a thermonuclear warhead to create the Tsunami for the Wall Street bankers. The link was posted in reference to Fukushima which is a new conspiracy theory.
found link at comment at
[Viewpoint Analysis: Anti-Zionist / Pro-Muslim]
Did New York Orchestrate The Asian Tsunami?
Courtesy of link) —used with his kind permission!!
With Afghanistan and Iraq already lost, the Wall Street bankers were all desperately looking for other ways to control our world, when suddenly and very conveniently, the Sumatran Trench exploded. Trick or Treat?
Copyright Joe Vialls, 5 January 2005, Updated 6 January 2005
Though the USNS Comfort was deployed to New York when 3,000 Americans died in September 2001, this current lack of action sends a strong signal that 150,000 (mostly Muslim) dead in South East Asia, and half a million injured, are of no concern whatever to the power brokers in New York [Jewish dominated].
That is a huge amount of grunt firepower to put on the deserted streets of Banda Aceh, especially when Wall Street normally expects these marines to die quietly for Zion in Iraq
the American 9 megaton W-53 thermonuclear warhead shown on the left, could easily be encased in a small 'lookalike' saturation diving chamber similar to that on the right, to protect it from the massive 10,000 pounds per square inch pressures at the bottom of the Sumatran Trench. The whole armored package would weigh less than five tons, allowing it to be slipped over the stern of any oil rig supply vessel, of which there are more than 300 in Asia alone. Who would even notice?
 I will be circumspect as to exactly how a large American thermonuclear weapon managed to arrive at the bottom of the Sumatran Trench, though all of the seismic evidence and preparedness for the resulting mission indicates strongly that this is the case.
For the Zionist Cabal, obtaining a thermonuclear weapon in America is no great trick,

//Depleted Uranium

Another popular conspiracy before Fukushima is that the US, NATO and Israel are using depleted or enriched uranium weapons primarily against Arab and Muslim civilians in the middle east and Kosovo. Promoted by Leuren Moret, Chris Busby and Willis Carto's American Free Press


//GeraldCelenteChannel Was Benjamin Fulford right? Was this really an attack against Japan by Israel and the US? I'm watching this BBC doc and where's the earthquake damage?  

//Jeff Rense

Even 9-11 truther Jeff Rense has standards, he won't post Jim Stone's theory:
RENSE:"As for the particular story about 'nuclear bombs' being used to cause the Fukushima quake and tsunami, I will not entertain such trash on my site."

//Leuren Moret

She's all about science, not politicsx, but tellingly she calls Israel "occupied palestine":  I have met so many women in Berkeley, California, who lived in Israel [occupied Palestine]

In an exclusive ExopoliticsTV interview by Alfred Lambremont Webre released May 9, 2011, independent scientist Leuren Moret has stated that the Fukushima HAARP ...

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  • //Henry Makow

    HENRY MAKOW: Former NSA analyst, Jim Stone, argues that there was no mag 9.0 earthquake. The tsunami was caused by nuclear bombs in the sea and the Fukushima explosion and meltdown was caused by mini-nukes hidden in cameras installed by an Israeli security firm. The motive: punish Japan for offering to enrich Iranian uranium and straying from Illuminati diktat.  This website reserves judgment but offers this introduction by James Farganne in the spirit of free discussion.  By James Farganne ( January 27, 2012 When we compare the 6.8-magnitude earthquake which devastated Kobe, Japan January 17, 1995 with Fukushima, the evidence does not stack up.
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