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Nukeblog News January 11, 2011 - Fukushima man shows radiation sickness symptoms
Fukushima nuclear plant worker in coma after collapsing at site, The Mainichi Daily News, Jan. 10, 2012:Worker in his 60sIn a coma after collapsing at the siteHas been in a state of cardiac and respiratory arrestExposed to 52 microsieverts of radiation on Jan. 9TEPCO is trying to confirm how long he has been working at nuclear plants and how much accumulated radiation doses he has been exposed to so farSince the outbreak of the nuclear crisis in March last year, three workers have died of sickness and other causes

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Rosner believes management could have averted disaster
Theoretical physicist Robert Rosner, founding director of the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago, summarized the Hutamura findings as follows today:
• there was no provision for tsunami risks in the "design basis" of the Fukushima reactors (the worst cases the design should allow for)
* plant staff was not prepared with detailed emergency procedures, and specifically was not prepared for a loss of plant power situation
• staff also was not prepared for loss of cooling and took some actions initially that made things worse rather than better
Rosner said that his study of the review made him change his mind about the fundamentals of the accident: previously he had assumed that siting and design errors were primarily responsible for the scope of the Fukushima disaster. The reactors were badly placed to begin with, and design details did not make the situation better. For example, emergency cooling pumps were put "in harm's way," closer to the ocean than the reactors. Cooling ponds were placed at elevations above the reactors, which was good for earthquake resistance but made them vulnerable to flying debris.
But Rosner now believes many accident consequences could have been mitigated and that management failures were mainly to blame for the gravity of the event

Man from fukushima appears to be suffering from radiation sickness, losing teeth, nail and hairs.

Normally you'd need close to 1 SV of radiation in less than 1 hour, but perhaps months long exposure to "low levels" can give these effects? Government is still not attributing these symptoms to radiation, nor the mysterious deaths of daichi workers.

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