Sunday, January 15, 2012

Broken Fuel Rod Spotted at Fukushima Unit 3 Rubble?

Now this is an interesting claim. What else can be a shiny silver cylinder about the diameter of a fuel rod??? This was the camera being lowered around the "spider hole" between the fallen crane beams among the debris on the floor. It looks quite different from the bent rod seen in the fuel pool



Fuel Rods in the Rubble

Exposing Some of the "Big Lies"

Plutonium Fuel Rods laying in the rubble!

Caught this from a TEPCO released sampling video. Raw Uranium Pellets just lying in the rubble, very clear cut. Maybe MOX too. Maybe some experimental fuels too. Very odd stuff these rods in the rubble.

You just have to wonder if they weren't doing some type of research at Fukushima, and of course this type of thing wouldn't be publicized.

Here is a link just found December 2011, which shows fuel pellets made in France that look exactly like those shown in the video. Also keep in mind that the "official news" reported fuel pellets found over 2 miles from the plants.

And here is another link--

Here is the video, around 4:20 in are these closeups

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